Friday, November 2, 2012

November in Buenos Aires

November is a great month to be in Buenos Aires, for various reasons. First and foremost, the weather is just perfect: it's already warm enough to hang out in parks during the day and go out in t-shirt or a dress at night, but the temperatures are nowhere near the humid rain forest mode of late December, let alone the Sahara-like January, although it's humid all year round.
Secondly, there are many great things to do and events that make November perhaps the best month of the year!

In case you haven't yet gotten enough of the world's best nightlife (and who would?), you may want to experience Creamfields. Creamfields is the famous electronic music festival that takes place this year on November 10 when the weather has just gotten warm enough to dance and party all night long. Every year it is the event of the young and young-minded party people, featuring artists like David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Paul Van Dyk, and many many others. The event takes place on next week's Saturday, November 10.

Here you can see how Creamfields BA was in 2011.. well as here, too...

If you are coming or came to Buenos Aires with the basic tourist logic of hot weather + coastal city = beach, and got a bit disappointed that the city center does not boast with an enormous Brazilian-style beach, don't worry! November is a great month to take advantage of the getaways in nearby areas, such as the delta of Tigre. You can get to Tigre by taking a train from the Retiro station, and from Tigre you can book a daily ticket to one of these getaways that have a small beach, green areas, barbecues and basically all the things you want to have to spend a nice summer day (although it's still spring in Argentina). Here's a link to Tigre's tourism website, and here is a link to Alcazar, one of the recreos that are only a short boat trip away from Tigre.

Something you also have in Tigre is Parque de la Costa, Argentina's biggest amusement park. It's a fun place and definitely worth a visit. Be sure not to stuff yourself with too many choripans before the roller coaster rides, though!

In case you don't want to make the effort of going all the way to Tigre in order to get tanned, you can just go to one of the many parks in the capital city of Buenos Aires! My personal favorites are Lagos & Bosques de Palermo, and Puerto Madero. Be aware of the fact that the sun can burn you really fast in BA, so you should always, always have sunscreen.

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