Monday, October 22, 2012

In Need of a Breath of Fresh Air?

With so much going on in Buenos Aires, it is much too easy getting caught up in the buzzing city life of Capital. Sometimes it is necessary to check out for a minute and put yourself in some much needed nature. Whether you have just a few hours, the entire weekend, access by car or only bus the following locations might give you a sense of freedom. Each located within Capital or in the Provincia of Buenos Aires, you don’t want to miss out on the experience.

If You Have 1 hour..
Los Bosques de Palermo
Although still located in the heart of Capital, Los Bosques de Palermo (also known as Lagos de Palermo) spreads out approximately 1000 acres in the neighborhood of Palermo, just passed Av. Libertador. Once you step into the park, you are immediately feel like you are hours from Buenos Aires. With trees everywhere, mini lakes scattered throughout, and in the center you can walk through the rose garden (El Rosedal), the park is endless. You will find people roller skating, biking, running all around the loop of the park. If you’re lucky there might even be an outside concert showing at the City Planetarium that you can stop by and listen to. If the weather permits, paddle boating through the lakes is also an option!

Easily accessible and in the center of Buenos Aires, los Bosques de Palermo is a great place to spend an hour or two and enjoy a beautiful day “away” from the city.

Planetarium, central in the Park

The Rose Garden

If You Have the Afternoon..
San Antonio de Areco.

A charming and traditional Gaucho town located 113 km northwest of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco is part of the classic rural Argentine culture. Every block you’ll find unique antigua buildings that haven't changed in decades. In the heart of the city there is a beautiful plaza where families are drinking mate, dogs run around freely, and everyone seems so calm! Located right along the Areco River, there are benches all along the sides, and play structures for the kids.

Known for its Estancias, there are many packages that called “Dia de Campo” --a day in the country, where you get a taste of an amazing Asado and are surrounded by beautiful landscape!
Very Charming Local Cafe and Store

River Areco that passes through the city center

Gaucho Festival

Very Antique looking buildings all over the city

If you the entire day..

Located just over an hour away, about 120km from Capital on National Route 2, this pueblo in the provence of Buenos Aires is definitely worth visiting. Situated along the homonymous lagoons, the frontier of the city is beaches and grass, and is perfect for getting some sun, picnicking with family and friends, and relaxing!

If you decide to stay the night, the city is full of Cabanas along the lagoons. Most have Parillas and pools and are family-run. It’s a perfect getaway in el campo where the mindset is completely different from that of Buenos Aires. Chascomus is also known for its Estancias as well, where you can spend time in nature and just outside the city.

Whatever you do, you can’t miss stopping at Atalaya, located just before the exit to Chascomus at km 113.5 ( This old fashioned, traditional cafeteria with the BEST medialunas! Freshly made throughout the day and served warm, these croissants are irresistable. Trust me, after trying my first one on my way to Chascomus, on my way back I couldn’t help but by 2 dozen! (Freeze them and heat them in the oven, it’s just as if you got them fresh).

The Lagoon that surrounds the entire coast of the city.


BBQ at one of the local Cabanas 
Best Medialunas Ever!!



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