Monday, June 18, 2012

Top 3 Ferias in Buenos Aires

Each neighborhood has it’s own distinguishing characteristics, from Palermo with it’s chic boutiques to San Telmo’s down to earth, and vintage atmosphere. Aside from the differences in the restaurants, bars, shopping, people, houses, etc, each neighborhood has a market that epitomizes the barrio. The following ferias usually take place on the weekends and holidays, and rain or shine the ferias go on!  


1. Feria de San Telmo

Following the calle Defensa and leading in to Plaza Dorrego, the San Telmo Feria takes place every Sunday from 10am to 4pm and has nearly 300 stands of artisanal goods such as clothing, antiques, food, and jewelry. Buzzing with people, both locals and tourists, this feria examplifies the uniqueness and spirit of San Telmo, with Portenos dancing the Tango to a wide variety of handmade Mate, to local musicians drumming in the middle of the street. 

If you get hungry on the way, don’t hesitate to stop in La Panaderia de Pablo for some tasty fresh bread, located at Defensa 269. Or take a stop in the delicious Parilla restuarant, Don Ernesto (Carlos Calvo 375) to enjoy amazing meat and sign your name on the wall.


2. Feria de Mataderos
Located at the far western neighborhood of Mataderos at the streets Lisandro de la Torre y Avenida de Los Corrales, this is a feria you do not want to miss! A one of a kind market that is very traditional and quaint, you will feel like you’ve been placed in another world. Still relatively undiscovered by tourists, you won’t hear many non-spanish speakers at this fair!

Taking place every Sunday from 11am until 8pm, this market is not your typical market you will find in Buenos Aires. Not only do you find interesting artisanal crafts, but make sure to come with room in your stomach to try the homemade jams, oils, breads, facturas, chorizo, olives, and all sorts of sweets that are there to taste! At the center in front of the National Market of Cattle, there is a group of Argentineans of all ages dancing to live folk music. Just next to the dancers, you are given a glimpse of the gaucho culture, where there are horsemen riding away on their caballos (and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to see the dog riding on the horse!)

Fresh "Parilla" 
Folk Dancing in the plaza

Although slightly out of the central Buenos Aires neighborhoods, this is one feria that you should really make the effort to visit, it is such an interesting experience and you will surely enjoy spending the day with this welcoming community!


3. Feria Plaza Manuel Belgrano

A slightly undiscovered and smaller feria than those of Palermo or Recoleta is the artesanal market of Belgrano, located near Barrio Chino at Juramento y Cuba. Every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays this feria is full of energy with live music or actors, different types of foods and drinks, and craftsmanship that draws many free-spirited people to this market. 

You will not only see people purusing the many stands, but on sunny days, the grass area is filled with friends and families enjoying Mate and listening to good music. Once you finish around the market, there is Milonga in the evenings in Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano Park and can stop for dinner in Barrio Chino after!

Whether you're just just for the weekend or have time to see multiple Ferias in Buenos Aires, these markets are definitely worth a visit. Each unique and inspiring, you can meet many local artists, musicians, Portenos, other tourists, and enjoy good food, drinks, and company!


Also recommended:
  • Feria de Plaza Serrano in Palermo Soho
    • Wednesday through Friday, 3pm to 8pm
    • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 3pm to 8pm
  • Feria Plaza Francia in Recoleta
    • Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 11-8pm

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