Friday, February 24, 2012

A Taste of the East in Barrio Chino

Looking to find exotic spices, rolls of sushi, peanut butter, or just an escape from the normal Buenos Aires? Then you must visit Barrio Chino, the China Town of Buenos Aires located in Belgrano . Although it lasts just 2 blocks, it’s a must see neighborhood. Constantly busy, you can find all sorts of goodies that aren’t available in regular grocery stores. With 100’s of varieties of sauces, teas, spices, you can also find a few items you might be missing from home like peanut butter or Tabasco sauce. 

Peanut Butter! Cheapest you'll find in Buenos Aires

Great for appetizers!
Choose from a variety of rolls that are made fresh daily 

Located at the in between the streets Juramento y Olazabal on Arribeños Street, this small but quaint neighborhood that is always full of life--and people eating. You will for certain find some eating at the little stands that sell seafood on sticks, or amazingly delicious Melona popscicles (that you have to try!)

If there is anything you need for your apartment or any little gifts to buy, you are certain to find it here. Each store is an endless array of colors and distractions. And when it's 38 degrees out and no air conditioning, ask any Porteño where they found their fan, they'll say 4 pesos in Barrio Chino.

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How to get there: 
By Train, Station Belgrano C. 
By Bus: Lines 15, 29, 42, 44, 60, 63, 64, 65, 80, 107, 113, 114, 118, 130

Near by: 
If you go on the weekends or holidays, just up the street at Cabildo y Juramento there is a feria with many vendors. Go to Feria Artesanal de Belgrano

Also: Milonga in the Glorieta. Right across from Barrio Chino, there is the Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano. Every evening there is a group of people dancing Milonga, you can watch or participate!

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